Partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica EdWebinar (9/25/19): Storytelling 101: Student Voice in Action

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Over 300 educators from around the world tuned into this webinar!

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This was such an informative presentation. Thank you, Dr. Wells!”
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Digital storytelling

Media literacy, multimodal composition, antiracist & culturally relevant pedagogies

Young people are no longer solely consumers of media; they are also creators and influencers. Join this edWebinar to get a better understanding of the basic concepts of media literacy education and multimodal storytelling and how to use them to engage your students in identity exploration activities that will foster self-awareness, empathy, and critical thinking.

Rooted in social justice and antiracist pedagogies, the information presented in this edWebinar will include an introduction to the basic tenets of media literacy and multimodal storytelling followed by a deeper dive into how these practices may be used as ways of igniting deeper self-exploration in the next generation of content creators.

Emily Bailin Wells, Independent Scholar and Adjunct Professor, will share:

  • The importance of recognizing young people as truth-tellers, knowledge-makers and experts on their lived experiences

  • How to create spaces and opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge and deepen understanding

  • Tools and activity ideas to activate critical thinking and making skills with your students

This edWebinar will be of particular benefit to K-12 teachers, librarians, and administrators. There will be time to get your questions answered at the end of the presentation.

The webinar is FREE and you can register here.

Press from Teachers College Newsroom: Media Literacy: Catching up with the post-Google generations

Young people are engaging in unprecedented multiple literacy practices...We’re constantly trying to catch up and learn from them.
— Dr. Emily Bailin Wells

Youth often understand more about the power that technology brings to education – its potential to visualize individualize, unite, empower and accelerates., suggested Emily Bailin Wells (Ed.D ’18) an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the TC Communication, Media & Learning Design program.

Read the full article here.


Invited Speaker at Teachers College’s Annual Academic Festival (April 2019)

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Panel on Media Literacy at Teachers College at Columbia University’s Academic Festival 2019

In a “post-truth” era driven by digital media, students must develop skills that enable them to be critical thinkers as they both consume and create media messages. Media literacy is crucial to the development of America’s youth, and to their future participation in civic life. This panel will facilitate a timely conversation on the opportunities and challenges facing media literacy today, by bringing together different perspectives and approaches to media literacy education.

Moderator: Lalitha Vasudevan | Professor of Technology & Education and Director, Media and Social Change Lab, Teachers College


  • Ioana Literat | Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Yoo Kyung Chang | Lecturer, Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Emily Bailin Wells (Ed.D. ‘18) | Adjunct Assistant Professor, Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Michelle Ciulla-Lipkin | Executive Director of National Association for Media Literacy Education

  • Jessica Wolff | Director of Policy and Research, Center for Educational Equity

Emily Talks About Critical Media Literacy for the Brainwaves Anthology Project


Emily joins The Media Spot!  

In September 2015, Emily joined The Media Spot, a small media literacy consulting company founded and operated by Rhys Daunic. As a curriculum content consultant and teacher educator, Emily works primarily with K-6 teachers to integrate media production activities into curricular units that foster critical thinking and creating composition.

The addition of Emily Bailin Wells has brought new talent, perspective and energy to our mission of working with schools to weave media literacy into core pedagogical design. Collaborating behind the scenes on our media literacy scope and sequence and working directly in schools, she is helping us dovetail digital infrastructure, communication flow, and curriculum design to allow core media literacy concepts to support and enhance emerging initiatives in K-12 education like STE(A)M, interdisciplinary project-based learning, sustainability literacy, digital citizenship, maker spaces and computer science.

Emily’s scholarship in education, youth media production experience, and passion for social justice and empowering students through media is already positively impacting what we do!
— The Media Spot

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