Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY 

Ed.D. in Communication & Education, May 2018

Concentration: Multimodal storytelling, media literacy education and pedagogy; hip-hop pedagogy; culturally relevant pedagogy; youth media production; new literacies, multimodality, media as scholarship; teacher education and professional development centered on social identity work and diversity education; working to create school change through dynamic integration of 21st century skills into teaching practices and curricula

Dissertation: Un/Tangling Girlhood: Negotiations of Identity, Literacy, and Place at an Elite, Independent Private All-Girls School in New York City

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

MS.Ed, August 2010

Program: Education, Culture & Society

Concentration: Media literacy education; the effects of intersectionality, privilege, and sociocultural contexts on youth 

Master’s Thesis: Media Literacy, Version 2.0(10): How new media practices are challenging existing programs designed for adolescent girls and considerations for the future.

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Bachelor of Arts, May 2007

Majors: Sociology and Women’s Studies


Media literacy education; curriculum development for K-12 media education; teacher and parent education; how critical thinking and production skills learned through media literacy practices can empower young people, give them voice and agency, and help them to better understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

Adolescent identity development; women’s, gender, and girlhood studies; adolescent girls and body image, objectification; issues of gender and identity formation.

Multimodality; new literacies practices; digital storytelling; multimodal composition; youth media production; using and creating media for social change, social justice, and civic engagement.

Social identity work; critical whiteness studies and white privilege; creating safe spaces in which to talk about race and racism; dispelling the myth of colorblindness and working towards a movement of anti-racism; educating young people and educators about the importance of affinity groups and cross-racial alliances.