Emily Talks About Critical Media Literacy for the Brainwaves Anthology Project


Emily joins The Media Spot!  

In September 2015, Emily joined The Media Spot, a small media literacy consulting company founded and operated by Rhys Daunic. As a curriculum content consultant and teacher educator, Emily works primarily with K-6 teachers to integrate media production activities into curricular units that foster critical thinking and creating composition.

The addition of Emily Bailin Wells has brought new talent, perspective and energy to our mission of working with schools to weave media literacy into core pedagogical design. Collaborating behind the scenes on our media literacy scope and sequence and working directly in schools, she is helping us dovetail digital infrastructure, communication flow, and curriculum design to allow core media literacy concepts to support and enhance emerging initiatives in K-12 education like STE(A)M, interdisciplinary project-based learning, sustainability literacy, digital citizenship, maker spaces and computer science.

Emily’s scholarship in education, youth media production experience, and passion for social justice and empowering students through media is already positively impacting what we do!
— The Media Spot

Consultations, Partnerships, Clients


The Columbia Community School (New York, NY)

Wayne Elementary School (Wayne, PA)


The Lower East Side Girls Club (New York, NY)

Common Sense Media, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)